Below are frequently asked questions concerning using animation for your projecct

Animation can entertain, educate and explain while holding viewer's interest.

Animation has no boundaries and can produce engaging presentations that educate as well as entertain.
Character animation is done by using puppets and a form of replacement animation. A 2D puppet can be designed, constructed, rigged, and ready to animate in a short period of time. Previews are in real time and rendering times are fast. The results are a quick turnaround, a high-quality output and low cost.
First and foremost, you like the style of animation Fried Egg produces. I specialize in 2D paper cut-out animation. Please watch the 'About Me' animation above and decide if this style suits your project.
Second, there is a story to tell.

Last, but not least, You want the personalized attention and open communication with working with a professional, along with the assurance you will be pleased with the final production.

Each project is unique and produced with care and attention.

Animation has a number of variables to consider; length, number of characters, special effects, voice talent, music, and more, all play a part in pricing. One minute of animation can cost more than $2500 or as little as $500 and can take from 3 to 12 weeks to produce. Contact Linda for a project brief and rate card to get a quote.
Whether it is for your company’s services or products, Fried Egg can explain and educate potential clients while entertaining them. This makes for a memorable presentation, commercial, explainer, or trade show video.

If you are celebrating a wedding anniversary, a birthday, marriage proposal, or special milestone event, Fried Egg can produce a touching and clever animation to honor any occasion.